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Choice Transportation

NJ/NY Premier Car Service for senior citizens and their families

Personal Car Service

We’re here to help you get there: from shopping and entertainment to medical appointments and everyday errands—and, of course, airports, train stations and cruise ship ports. You can count on Choice Transportation drivers to take you where you want to go.

Our senior transportation service is the core of our company’s mission. We strive to serve the unique needs of families. Whether you live in a neighborhood or in one of the local retirement communities, we can provide both individual and group shuttle services.

Our Services for Seniors

Each trip includes Door-to-Door service by our friendly staff. You can give us an estimated time for pick up or call when ready.

All prices are estimates*

Medical Accompaniment            $140

Includes round trip with nurse up to 2 hours. A full report of the appointment and any follow up will be provided in writing to you post the visit

+$10 extra hour within Bergen County

+$20 extra hour outside Bergen County

One Way                              $40

Car service up to 3 miles from pick up point.


Surcharge                          $20

Toll                                     $15

Round Trip                           $68

Car service up to 5 miles from pick up point.

Our Team

We love building products for you

Pets                $20

We are pet friendly.

Per Mile                     $4

Per mile outside Bergen County including trips to NYC &airports/train

Monthly Unlimited       $360

Wheelchair Accessibility

Vans equipped with wheelchair lift for easy asses to side walk.

Nurse Accompaniment

Detailed report of appointment will be given to family or nursing facility. Follow up by nurse if needed.

Memory Care

We understand the attention and patience needed to care for clients with dementia.

Pet Friendly

Pets are welcome too

NYC, Airports, Funerals, Family outings, etc.

This service is geared to all our clients and families. Door to door service to any of the surrounding airports, parks, library, movie theater, churches, temples, ETC Schedule in advance or call same day, We will be there.

How it Works

When you’re arranging for a service, we have a few different options for you to consider:

  1. You can choose to have the car remain with you, which we recommend if your appointment lasts one hour or less.
  2. You can arrange a pre-determined return time, where the car comes back for you at that time. This is ideal if your appointments are longer than an hour or two.
  3. You can call for us if you truly have no idea how long your appointment will last. That said, we generally don’t advise this approach, because we are appointment-based and can’t guarantee timely availability with “will call” returns. However, please don't worry because we will take care of you.

Long Distance Transportation

Let Choice take you on long distance trips in comfort and security. Whether it’s a full day trip in or out of state, or relocation across states, we can help make your travel time more enjoyable.

Your Choice Transportation Account

If you wish, we’ll set up your account and provide you with a clear estimate and reservation confirmation. Once completed, your service will be charged to your account and you’ll receive an email receipt with all of the relevant details clearly itemized.

What our customers are saying

Thank you for transporting my father on such short notice last night. The hospital called at 9:45pm to say that they were having an issue. They use another service who had no availability for upright transport last night and the aide was now going to have to start trying other services. Since he was transported by stretcher originally, I told her to make it the same transport back which fell on deaf ears. I immediately thought of you and want to thank you again for help. I know my father is very comfortable with you.

Susan W.

What our customers are saying

Our aunt likes you and said you were a very nice driver.


Ron H.

What our customers are saying

Frank feels safe and happy in your hands. Thank you so much!

Charlene S.